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FC2 Female Condoms - 3 pcs.

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FC2 Female Condoms - 3 pcs.

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UpInformation about FC2 Female Condoms - 3 pcs.

These condoms offer the same pleasure and protection as regular male condoms, but they aren't made of latex. Nitrile is twice as strong, thinner, odorless and silent and therefore provides the most natural feeling and excellent protection. These condoms do not contain latex or any hormone-related substances. The updated design offers excellent protection with two rings. One ring is inserted in the vagina and one ring covers the entrance of the vagina. So you can be sure that the condom will stays in the right place. With lubricant inside and out, the condom guarantees the most natural feeling.

These condoms have a minimum width of 5 mm and a maximum width of 7 mm. They are 170 mm long.