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If you unexpectedly receive another order from a customer, you can place an ‘additional order’. You can always add a product to an existing order as long as we have not yet dispatched the original order. This way you avoid having to pay shipping costs twice.

And, of course, you can use this same functionality to add additional items to orders addressed to your own premises.

No additional shipping costs are charged for an ‘additional order’. However, if the parcel in question is headed abroad and the total weight comes out above the weight for which you have paid on the original order, then the difference in shipping costs will automatically be added to take into account the increased weight.

How does it work?

You add the items to your shopping basket, then indicate that you’d like to add the current order to an existing order. You select the relevant order number and pay for the order. If you cannot find the main order in the list, this means that it is unfortunately no longer possible to add another item.

PLEASE NOTE: You can only add additional items to an order if the items are in stock.

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