Advantages of drop-shipping

The advantages of drop-shipping via EDC

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Short delivery times

You can offer your customers a delivery time of one business day. If your customers order before 11 p.m. on a weekday, we can dispatch their order the same day. Because we dispatch your customers’ orders on the same business day, you can deliver the products to them at least one day quicker than if the orders were sent via you.

You don’t need to keep stock

You don’t need to have premises where you keep products in stock. This means that you don’t have to invest in the purchase and storage of products. This way you also avoid the risk of being left with stock you can’t sell. Above all, you remain flexible in how you manage your product range. Changes made to our assortment can easily be applied to your own online shop.

You have no logistical activities to manage

EDC Wholesale works with a fully-equipped logistical system that takes care of everything for you from start to finish. Products are collected and checked by means of a scanning system to see whether the correct products have been collected. This drastically reduces the margin of error. Products are packed in discreet packaging and dispatched via one of our distributors without any information enclosed about EDC Wholesale. By ridding you of the burden of the complete logistical and administrative process, we allow you to focus completely on sales.

You set your own retail prices

You purchase products from us at wholesale prices. We also provide recommended retail prices that come from our suppliers. These prices are market-consistent and competitive. You have the option of adjusting your retail prices to make them higher or lower in order to gain a higher margin on products or in order to offer your customers discounts. We are against price dumping however, and so we would ask you not to deviate too much from the recommended retail prices.

Parcel tracking

We register every parcel before passing it on to one of our distributors. We provide you with a track and trace code which you can use to monitor the status of your shipment via the websites of PostNL / UPS / DHL. We can also e-mail the track and trace code directly to your customer.

Processing during your holiday or days off

You can take time off without having to worry about your company. We ensure that the shipment of parcels continues as usual (as long as you use our API interface and prepaid credit system).

Customized packing slip

As always, EDC Wholesale encloses a plain packing slip in your customer’s parcel along with the ordered items. You can opt to have your own personalised packing slip sent instead. You can activate this option by logging in and going to the ‘My details’ menu. We offer this option as an entirely FREE additional service.

Your own administration module

In addition to our logistical service, we offer an online administration module. You can use this to follow the status of all open orders (processing/dispatched). It also gives you an up-to-date overview of the different invoices and any credit notes. Your administration module is also where you’ll find the tracking numbers for each order (PostNL / UPS / DHL). This system gives you all the information you need - up-to-date and all in one place. Here you will also find all the feeds for importing our products, photos and texts to your website. Finally, you can top up your prepaid credit here in order to pay your (automatic) orders.

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