Drop-shipping explained

What exactly is drop-shipping?

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What is drop-shipping?

Drop-shipping is a process whereby you sell products without having to have them in stock and without having to ship parcels. Instead, you sell the products of a drop-ship supplier via your own online shop.

A customer visits your online shop and places an order for one or more products. You then place this order with EDC Wholesale. The products are collected in our warehouse, packed discreetly and sent directly to your customer. The parcel sent to your customer contains nothing relating to EDC Wholesale. During the order process, you have the option to choose another delivery address where you can enter the address details of your customer. EDC Wholesale then sends the items to your customer as soon as possible without any intervention required on your part.

Hoe werkt dropshipping

  1. You have an online shop with items from EDC Wholesale.
  2. A customer visits your online shop and places an order for one of more products.
  3. The customer pays you.
  4. You place the order with EDC Wholesale. You enter the address of the customer as the delivery address and pay EDC Wholesale the purchase price of the items.
  5. EDC Wholesale dispatches the items directly to your customer in your name. Your purchase invoice can be downloaded from your administration module.

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