Drop-shipping via API

Drop-shipping via API

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You can have your orders automatically placed with us via an API interface. When a customer orders in your online shop, the order is then forwarded to us without any intervention being required on your part. This speeds up the process considerably and it means that you no longer have to fill in the order manually on our site.

Supply via API

The forwarding of an order using XML is done using a so-called API (Advanced Programming Interface). With this interface, the order is sent as a file to the back office of EDC Wholesale so that you don’t have to manually put in this information on our website. You are not obliged to use this service: the API interface is optional. Forwarding orders using XML is extremely efficient in combination with prepaid credit. The order placed in your own online shop is automatically sent through to EDC Wholesale and then paid for directly with the prepaid credit, and the order is processed immediately.

Prepaid credit

In order to optimise the process, we have developed a prepaid system. With this system you can transfer €500.00 to your account for example. Any orders placed can consequently be paid from this amount, meaning that the orders go through immediately. This way we don’t need to wait until the payment has been made, and we can dispatch the order straight away. This enables you to offer your customers the following guarantee: order before 11 p.m. and the order will be dispatched the same day (if the product is in stock).

If you choose not to use our prepaid system, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the payment screen. The order will go through upon confirmation of your payment. You can pay for multiple orders at a time if that’s convenient for you. You can also cancel orders.


We offer a variety of feeds in XML, Excel and CSV format. You can use these files to import products from our assortment into your online shop. These files also contain unique product descriptions and other sales material such as photos and videos.

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