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At EDC Wholesale it is possible to forward an order automatically using XML. This is convenient if you have your own online shop but would like EDC Wholesale to take care of the distribution in its entirety (drop-shipping).

API interfacing

The forwarding of an order using XML is done using a so-called API (Advanced Programming Interface). With this interface, the order is sent as a file to the EDC Wholesale back office so that you don’t have to put in this information manually on our website. You are not obliged to use this service: using API to forward orders is optional. Forwarding orders using XML is extremely efficient in combination with prepaid credit. The order placed in your own online shop is automatically sent through to EDC Wholesale and then paid for immediately with the prepaid credit. Then the order is also processed immediately.

How does it work?

The exact working of the interface is described in the manual which is available for download. In order to utilise an API, certain programming knowledge is required. You should know how to do an XML export from your own online shop and send this to EDC Wholesale with a URL. If you have no technical staff in-house, we recommend that you contact a web designer or one of our partners (see this page).


The Dutch and English versions of the manual can be found on our Feeds page.You must have an account in order to access this page.

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