How do I place an order?

How do I place an order?

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It is very simple to find the product you’re looking for at EDC Wholesale. Simply type a search term into our search bar to quickly find the product you’re looking for. You can search by product name, brand and even by product number. As soon as you type in a search term, relevant search results appear on screen. This gives you an instant overview of those products at EDC Wholesale match your query. For example, simply search:

  • Thong
  • Wetlook dress
  • Collar
  • Or the manufacturer’s product number
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Search terms can be entered in any order, but make sure you leave a space between every search term.

All search results are then displayed with the relevant product photos. Click on the product photo or on ‘More information’ to view the full product details. You must be logged in as a wholesaler client to be able to view these details. On the product page you’ll find information relating to sizes, price, colour and stock status. A product video is included for some of our products. You can now order by simply clicking the ‘Add to cart’ button.

You can also explore our product range using our navigation menu. There are various categories to choose from on EDC Wholesale. When you click on a category, you are immediately presented with all the products within that category. You can then click on the product photo as before to view more information relating to the product and to order the product if you wish.

Found what you were looking for? Order safe and secure online
Click on the desired product and you’ll see the stock status of the product as well as the delivery time. Now select the desired quantity and click ‘Add to cart’. The chosen product is now in your online shopping cart. You can choose whether you’d like to add more products to your order or proceed to the checkout. Want to make a change to your order? Click on the button in the top right corner: ‘Shopping cart’ You will now be taken to your online shopping cart where you can remove items from the cart or change the desired quantity.

You can now proceed to place your order. Our ordering process is quick and straightforward. Once logged in as a wholesale client, your details will be loaded automatically. If you’d like to send your order to a different address, choose a different delivery address/drop-ship order at step 2.

Sending to a different delivery address? Proceed to the following step to enter the address details. Once you have filled in all the relevant details, it’s time to choose a payment method. Depending on your payment method, you will then be directed to a payment screen. If you choose to pay in advance, you will receive the transfer details by e-mail. All online payments are made through our online shop’s secured environment, so you have our guarantee that your payments are secure.

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