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Sinner - Elegant Seven Metal Dildo

  • sinner_-_elegant_seven_metal_dildo
  • sinner_-_elegant_seven_metal_dildo
  • sinner_-_elegant_seven_metal_dildo
  • sinner_-_elegant_seven_metal_dildo

Sinner - Elegant Seven Metal Dildo

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Sinner Gear Unbendable


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  • Sinner - Elegant Seven Metal Dildo   On stock, shipped same day. SIN224 8719934002760

UpInformation about Sinner - Elegant Seven Metal Dildo

The Elegant Seven is a luxury G-spot and prostate dildo from Easytoys' Sinner Gear Unbendable series. This toy is made of nickel-free metal so it feels heavier and smoother than any other sex toy. The metal dildo has two round ends and notches in the shaft so it's easy to grab. Each end can be used for penetration and P-spot and G-spot stimulation. The dildo can be used with any lubricant and can be cleaned fast and thoroughly. The toy is shipped in a beautiful storage box.