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High Octane Dynamite Sperm Booster

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High Octane Dynamite Sperm Booster

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UpInformation about High Octane Dynamite Sperm Booster

High Octane Dynamite is for men who want to squirt lots of semen every time they climax. The natural ingredients in High Octane Dynamite stimulate sperm production and quality. For lots of sperm with every ejaculation.

Suggested use
Take 1 tablet twice a day with water. Do not take on a full stomach for best effect. Do not exceed the daily dose.

Ingredients per 2 tablets
Maca (100 mg), Guarana Extract (100 mg), Kola Nut Extract (100 mg), Muira Puama (100 mg), L-Taurine (50 mg), Zinc Monomethione (83,4 mg, 100% ADH), Ginkgo Biloba (40 mg), L-arginine (20 mg), Vitamin B3 (18 mg, 100% RDA), E572, E460, E341, E551, E464, E171, E570, E132.

RDA = Recommended Daily Allowance