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Men´s Pants

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Men´s Pants

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Svenjoyment Underwear


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  • Men´s Pants Medium Product sold out, discontinued. 21113068711 4024144326921
  • Men´s Pants Large Product sold out, discontinued. 21113068721 4024144326938
  • Men´s Pants XL Product sold out, discontinued. 21113068731 4024144326945

UpInformation about Men´s Pants

Make it your personal mission to have an exciting evening with your partner with this sexy camouflage string. The camouflage string is made of translucent material, so your buttocks and penis and partially visible. The edges of the string are lined with elastic black fabric for as stylish look and a perfect fit. The waistband is decorated with gold-coloured studs, which goves the string just that little bit extra.