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Shiny Mini Skirt - Purple

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  • shiny_mini_skirt_-_purple
  • shiny_mini_skirt_-_purple

Shiny Mini Skirt - Purple

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Cottelli Collection


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  • Shiny Mini Skirt - Purple Large Product sold out, discontinued. 27704664041 4024144357529
  • Shiny Mini Skirt - Purple XL Product sold out, discontinued. 27704664051 4024144357536

UpInformation about Shiny Mini Skirt - Purple

Draw extra attention to your buttocks in this purple mini skirt from the Cottelli Collection. The skirt is elastic and the ruffles at the back highlight your buttocks by making them look fuller and rounder. Wear the skirt in combination with seductive lingerie or sexy clothing. The shiny purple fabric will provide a fun twist with every outfit. It is perfect for a party, but you can also wear it in the bedroom with a seductive top to surprise your partner.